We know that industrial packing is different. It is highly specialized and cannot be managed by a singular approach since every shipment is different. We will take the time to understand your needs before designing the perfect packaging solution.

Your odd shaped, odd sized, or over-sized cargo is not a problem for us. Crating or lashing can be carried out, even with the most unconventional cargo. We ensure that all safety standards are met which completion of all documentary requirements. We manufacture custom-built crates that extremely capable to safely carry your unique types of equipment.

We have in house capabilities to offer you the following:

  1. All kinds of crating solutions.
  2. Skilled and trained teams of carpenters and fabricators.
  3. Top quality material for crating, strapping, lashing and packing.
  4. Heat Treatment services for export packaging.
  5. Skilled and trained riggers with expertise for performing complex cargo lashings.
  6. Certification Provision
  7. Extensive PPE usage for safety and security

We also stock complete range of lashing materials like cargo nets/ bars, lashing straps/ belts, chains & accessories, tonnage bags, wooden tonnage etc. thereby enabling us to respond immediately to all your requirements 24/7.