The transport of heavy machinery must be carried out with protection. The heavy Equipment Transport team in Dubai has the experience and knowledge to ensure that your machinery is transported properly.

ZCT International provides shipping and logistic support services, which can be completely customized to manufacturers, distributors, auction houses and their associated clients, for all types of heavy construction equipment, vehicles and equipment shipping.

Our fleet of trucks and trailers is ideal for all kinds of work, in a respectable and safe manner. Our employees work closely with you in a proven procedure to ensure that all industrial, agricultural and other machinery transport is done properly.

If transportation in Dubai is not carried out in a proper way than the transport of stationary machinery, industrial, agricultural or other heavy machinery may have undesirable consequences. Equipment breakdown, shortening of useful life are only a few examples of the unfortunate consequences that may arise.

With ZCT International heavy Equipment Transportation service, you will not have to worry about such things! We are skilled professionals and we have many years of experience.

Customers from different industries do not hesitate to trust us and rely on us when it comes to transporting their machinery by truck.

We offer a complete range of logistics management services – IT Systems, inventory management, warehousing and operations management including:

  • Middle East, Pakistan, South Africa, Russia  and worldwide transportation and shipping
  • Inter-modal transportation solutions – Road, Rail, Sea & Sea- Air
  • Express cargo shipments
  • Specification checks & modifications in preparation for transport or shipment
  • Preparation of dispatch paperwork & export documentation
  • We also deal with all kind of heavy military machinery and vehicle logistics