ZCT International is your value driven logistics partner in Dubai specializing in domestic and international removals for individuals and professionals, as well as in the transport of equipment from fairs and other events in Dubai.

ZCT International shipping takes the stress out of the moving process by providing a seamless and worry-free experience. Thousands of customers every year move with ZCT International.

Our teams are punctual, efficient and experienced for all types of moving and relocation needs and have all the necessary technical means: packaging, protections, vehicles and material handling. For a national move, a group, live or organized trip can be arranged according to your requirements. Internationally, ZCT International go with you for a land, sea or air transfer.

We are professionals with a proven track record and extensive experience of managing the company in the business of removal and packing throughout the UAE.

Administrative and industrial removals, archiving, delivery and handling services are also carried out.
ZCT Intel shipping has expanded its services through the opening of several integrated service units. The logistics of fairs and exhibitions has been one of the company's specialties from many years: transport, stand installation, repackaging, customs management, cleaning services in Dubai, Pet relocation, express baggage, Fine art relocation, Handyman Services and other services are included.